We're Doing A Kelly Moore Bag Giveaway!

As a new mom, business owner and photographer, I carry around a lot of crap. On my quest to not look like such a hobo (especially when traveling), I discovered Kelly Moore Bags. Her bags are phenomenal and are so well planned out. They have compartments for everything, which just makes me happy.

I currently am rocking the Esther, which has room for my laptop, camera, extra lens AND diapers and toys. It also has this convenient front flap pocket which has room for my driver's license, credit card and money. The inside is totally customizable and comes with removable inserts to protect the camera body and lenses. Or you can use it as dividers to keep your everyday purse items organized.

They even have very smartly designed mens bags, which Peter salivates over. Since we love Kelly's bags so much, we teamed up with her to do an amazing giveaway. The winner will receive a free bag of their choice ($249 value)!

Here's how to enter: *GIVEWAY OVER - VIEW WINNER*

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