Big News For People Who Eat Food

Big news for people who eat food…A Real Food Mayo


Seriously, this is big for everyone. For the past 60 years or so it's been very confusing about what food is good for you what's bad for you. Then trying to balance those ever changing facts with your own particular amount of time and budget allotted for food. One constant, of course, is condiments and sauces. Mayonnaise has recently taken over as the most popular condiment in America, until now though, every one of those mayos were made with some sort of chemically altered, highly processed oils, egg derivatives, etc, etc. All from a recipe that is really supposed to be fat, eggs, vinegar and salt, which is the ingredient list on the back of Primal Kitchen's new Avocado Oil Mayonnaise You can actually buy a real mayo that tastes, spreads, and looks like actual mayonnaise but is also good for you.

It turns out there is much less compromise between flavor and nutrition with real food. Sure if you are a hand in the kitchen, mayo is not too hard to do. But I’ve messed up mayo plenty, and how many of us see a slot in our schedule for mastering emulsions? Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo is made with avocado oil, cage free eggs, vinegar (derived from beets), and salt. They were told it couldn’t be done and that there had to be some sort of additive, or chemical to keep it shelf stable. But Mark Sisson and his team stuck to their guns, found the right partners and suppliers and now you have a real option when it comes to everyone’s favorite refrigerator staple.

We pretty much always have some on hand, our hands down favorite way to use it is Nom Nom Paleo’s Sriracha mixed with the Primal Mayo, about 3 parts mayo to 1 part sriracha is a pretty great ratio to start with. Experiment from there, add chives and some home made hot sauce and you have a buffalo sauce/dressing/dip. Everything from Caesar, Ranch and 1000 Island dressing are all mayonnaise based. Primal Kitchen has done the heavy lifting and now you can make it your own or just enjoy as is. Pretty awesome. Now for a giveaway.

Enter here for a chance to win 2 free jars of Primal Kitchen Mayo!

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