Don't Hate On Mondays - A Unique Viewpoint From Nik Hawks

Most folks dread Mondays.


But YOU ain't most folks! You remember these 5 things every time you wake up on a Monday:

  1. Monday is the only day where the full work week stretches out before you, ready to be grabbed and squeezed and wrung out in its entirety.  Every other day of the week you have less and less time to get the important work done, but Monday offers the you the maximum time for uninterrupted work.
  2. On Monday you're fully rested from the weekend and at your most energetic. You can do the absolute MOST on a Monday, and the opportunity to express the full measure of your own potential is something to celebrate!
  3. Monday is when you get to see all the amazing work emails that came in over the weekend; the laudatory ones along with the complaints, and you get to both bask in the sunshine of love and work to fix any issues that came up. Another opportunity for greatness, remember to grab on and hold tight!
  4. Monday is a day of focus and and planning; you get to decide what it is you're going to do with the precious amount of time you've been given. Most folks (gasp!) throw this away and just wade in to a Monday with their head down, but not YOU! You know the immense power of focused planning, and you know that stacking that planning on top of a Monday increases the normal Monday benefits by ten-fold.
  5. Monday is the biggest shipping day at Paleo Treats.

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Remember this when you feel like Monday is a bummer.  In a beautiful sunshine filled little office in what was once a blighted area of San Diego, 5 people are joyously sorting, packing, taping, sticking, writing notes, and shipping out the finest Paleo Treats in the world. It's a good life, and a great Monday, ENJOY IT! YEEEEHAW! Courtesy of Nik Hawks, co-founder of Paleo Treats

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