What You NEED To Know About The Farm To Table Movement

"Farm To Table" is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, especially when used to describe restaurants that feature local produce on their menus. But when Pete sat down to chat with one of our farmers (Iris of Primeval Gardens) about what farm to table means to her, we heard a new perspective on this widely used term that we thought more people needed to know about (especially when it comes to those farm to table restaurants).

We change our farm to table menu every week to feature what the farms are growing. This is not only beneficial to you as the customer (allowing you to eat a nutrient dense, varied and seasonal diet) but also to the farmers because they have a guaranteed source that will purchase everything they grow.

This is farm to table.

Pete's Paleo returns scraps from the produce provided by Primeval Gardens so that they can use it for compost and chicken feed. Farm to table at it's best.

This photo was from a recent Instagram post by Primeval Gardens: "Reuse and a great farm to table relationship at it's best. Every week we take a load of fresh veggies to @petespaleo and come home with a load of their leftover veggie scraps. This gets added to our chicken composter which is pecked through, eaten and turned into both nutritious eggs and wonderful compost by our chickens. The compost is then used to grow more nutrient dense veggies for @petespaleo. Zero waste."

Farmers are hard working, salt of the earth folks. Get to know your local farmers. Help support them directly for growing incredible produce for us. Join a CSA. Or if you don't like to cook, know that when you purchase Pete's Paleo farm to table meals, we are doing our part to support our local farmers.

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