Feeding The Family With Pete's Paleo

Children's diets are always a sensitive topic. So let me say right up front, in no way am I trying to prescribe or push anything on anyone. I'm (Sarah) going to share with you our experience with feeding Lois so far. She is a little over a year and a half years old and has been raised pretty strict Paleo. After I stopped breastfeeding her, we started her on the Weston A. Price Foundation chicken liver/bone broth formula.

And believe me when I say, she LOOOOOVED it. I think it also helped her have a balanced palate and not always crave sweets. The nutritional facts were almost identical to that of breast milk, so we felt very comfortable giving it to her.

This is a great alternative to the soy based formulas sold here in the US or for those mamas who cannot breastfeed. And while we have tried goat's milk for her recently, she doesn't like it. So we stick with a diluted warm bone broth, 1-2 times a day. I do believe that because Lois was started on such a solid nutritional foundation she has become a great eater. I mean the girl even loves her Fermented Cod Liver Oil! Nowadays, her diet consists solely of Pete's Paleo meals, Pete's Paleo bone broth, eggs and her FCLO, probiotics and occasional Vitamin C.

Most days of the week (purely for the convenience), our whole family will eat Pete's Paleo meals for dinner. Lois eats earlier than us and we selectively choose which meals she eats based on spice level, texture of the meat, veggies she can easily digest, etc. (The Paleo Mom has a handy chart for when to introduce various foods based on age of your baby) Pete and I then choose from the remaining meals. This works for us. But if your family prefers to eat together at the same time AND eat the same meal, we offer a Family Style plan. With this plan, you get 5 meals for the week, but with a serving size of 4, so everyone can eat the same meal for dinner.

If your child is older and is a picky eater, Pete always suggests to get them involved in the process. Whether that's at the grocery store, helping to prep the food, or even helping to cook (age appropriate). The meal becomes something they are proud of because they helped out, and are more willing to eat or try new things. Do you feed your children Paleo? Do you have any tips for other families? Leave us a comment below!

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