Review: The BARE BONES BROTH Cookbook

Today is a good day.

Running your own business seems to be a never ending race of hurdles to get over. Even when things are going well, you are always wondering what's going to happen next and will you be able to handle it.

But watching the people that worked for you grow and start their own company and go on to publish their own cookbook is easily the most enjoyable part of my job.

Ryan Harvey and his wife Katherine are one heck of a team. A couple years ago I met Ryan and saw a lot of myself in him. He was slaving away at a one of the best restaurants in San Diego. Making incredible food that was jaw dropping gorgeous.

As I've written about before though, that job comes with insane hours and very low pay. He was burnt out and we gave him a job working with us. He was a huge addition to our team and we were grateful to have him. He kept talking to me about this idea he had for a broth company and finally one day I said, "dude, just do it."

So he did and with Katherine's help and our kitchen as their production facility, Bare Bones Broth company was born. They have since moved to bigger and better production facility up in Oregon.


Their new book is a continuation of their commitment to incredible quality and great information. The cookbook is full of incredible recipes for smoothies, stews and every and any stock/broth you could ever want to make. They also cover what exactly is the difference between stock/broth and the history of it in our cuisine.

For chefs, stock is as integral to our dishes as salt or a flame. Escoffier (the godfather of cuisine) is quoted in their book, "without stock, nothing can be done." In the book you are walked through, the how, why and what of broth. Basic techniques, equipment and ratios are all given and explained very well.

The photos are beautiful, the recipes are on point and it will make a great addition to anyone's culinary library.

To say that I'm proud of these two just doesn't do it justice. Let's just say I was Vince Vaughn from Swingers when the book came in the mail. "My baby boy is all grown up!"

Thanks to Katherine and Ryan for making an incredible product, whether broth or book.

Cheers to you guys.

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