Valentine's Day with Pete's Paleo

Hey it's Sarah Ellsworth again and Valentine's Day is almost here, friends! Whether you're a procrastinator or a planner, this email hits your inbox at the perfect time, because if you order today, you'll have a box full of delicious meals at your doorstep just in time for V Day! Valentine's Day is typically associated with chocolates, candy, flowers, wine, and really rich desserts. Why the day of love is associated with decadence and over the top displays of affection, I don't know - because the love I know is simple, plain, and unassuming. That said, there's nothing wrong with an over-the-top expression of love, either! Or pink. Or roses. Or chocolate. Or decadent desserts. But to be fair, that decadent stuff usually isn't good for us. It's good, yeah, but not good for us. So this year, I've resolved to only give treats that are good AND good for you - because the health of those I love is an incredibly important matter.

Of course, one of my favorite treats is a big order of Pete's Paleo delivery meals - and it works perfectly as a gift for yourself or for someone else. They're not cheap, but I'm paying for the experience of a trained personal chef, the convenience of having someone else meal plan, the deliciousness of the food, and the unbelievable breeze that is clean-up after. Indulgent, yes - but good for my body, my spirit, and my sanity, too! (Sometimes you just need a night off from cooking, no matter how much you love it!) And, the beauty of the meals you receive from Pete's Paleo is that the flavor is never plain, but you'll notice a recurring theme of the KISS method. Pete's keeps it simple (protein and veggies!), while giving you incredibly delicious and nutritious meals. But if you prefer gifts of the romantic variety, consider a bouquet of roses. Made of meat. Like bacon. (No, seriously. Bacon roses. It couldn't be a more perfect paleo Valentine!) Bacon has gotten a bad rap over the years because of the fat and salt content, but if you're eating bacon from a pasture raised and ethically sourced pig, bacon isn't just "not bad for you" - it's actually a food you can indulge in and feel good about! And the "real food" version tastes so, SO good.

If you didn't already know, in addition to Pete's Paleo delivery meals, Pete also whips up a couple of fantastic extras - including bone broth, gut healing gummies, and, yes - BACON. It comes in a large, beautiful, uncut slab, so you can decide how thick or thin to make your bacon. When ordering your weekly meals, just find the dropdown for adding bacon, and add the amount you need. I recommend choosing "as much as Pete can fit in the box," or something close to it. (You can also order the bacon on its own - up to 10 pounds at a time!) Once you get your bacon sliced, just roll the slices into tight little "roses," stick a toothpick or two through the roll right at the very bottom, place on a rack on a foil lined baking sheet (toothpick side down - it will hold the rose together AND help it stay upright), and bake at 400° for 25-30 minutes. The outside will be crisp while the inside will be cooked but more tender. While you're out shopping this week, pick up some silk roses at a craft store (make sure they're the kind that lets the head of the flower pop right off), then pop off the flowers and replace them with your bacon flowers. Boom - you just made the greatest bouquet of flowers a man (or woman) could ever want! (If you want massive bacon roses, you can use two slices per rose for an extra dose of meat!) If you place your order today, you can give the gift of health and convenience, AND bacon roses to your sweetie this Valentine's Day. Really, does anything say romance and "I Love You" more than "Pete cooked dinner so you don't have to, AND here's a bouquet of meaty, salty rose goodness"?! I say not.

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