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Hi guys! Sarah E. here again. I know you've heard all about Pete's Paleo delivery meals - you know, those delicious, healthy pre made meals delivered straight to your house. Just heat and eat! You can even freeze them and just pull one out when you're in a pinch. But Pete also does a few things other than just the meals - and they're definitely worth checking out!

First, Pete makes bacon. Each package is a beautiful 1-lb. slab of unsliced bacon - you can slice as thick or thin as you like! It comes from pastured pigs, ethically raised by local farmers. (As an FYI, there's no such thing as "grass-fed pork," because pigs don't eat grass! When you're looking for quality pork, you want to look for pastured/pasture-raised pigs.) This bacon has no sugar or sweeteners added - and for anyone doing a strict Paleo diet, a low-sugar or sugar-free diet, a whole foods diet, a 21-Day Sugar Detox, or just generally looking to cut the junk out of your food, Pete's bacon is a fantastic option! One last thing - in the preparation of this bacon, Pete cures it instead of brining it, so that when you slice and cook this bacon, it won't shrink up on you. Anyone who's ever started out with a big ol' piece of raw bacon and ended up with a teeny piece of cooked bacon knows how annoying that is! I've said before and I'll say it again - bacon has gotten such a bad rap in modern day culture, but when you're eating bacon like Pete's bacon, you can feel good about eating it, and even call it a healthy food. When you eat meat that was raised and fed the way nature intended, and prepared in a way that minimizes processing and additives, you're eating the right kinds of foods!


Another really cool item Pete prepares is his gut healing kit. When you're in the early stages of re-learning about food and nutrition, and how our bodies really need to be fed to be healthy and well, it's important to focus on gut health to heal any damage done to your gut over the years. Almost all of the items on my Top 5 Foods You Need To Be Eating post from last week are also gut healing foods - and the gut healing kit actually comes with a couple of them! First, you have a 30-day supply of Pete's bone broth. Bones from ethically raised animals and organic vegetables simmered for days to create a collagen-rich broth that's full of easily digestible protein and gut-healing properties - Pete does his broth the way it was meant to be done! I usually drink my broth like a hot tea, with a pinch of salt and some seasonings, but you can use it in soup - and to make it easier to make soup on the go, Pete thoughtfully included 15 packs of dehydrated veggies to the kit. You can just add the whole packet to your broth, and voila - instant soup! Because Pete sources all of his veggies from local farms that also grow their veggies the way nature intended, you know that these veggies are the highest quality, non-GMO, and organic. The kit also includes 60 gut gummies - 30 coconut cream chai (fantastic as a coffee creamer!), and 30 of either berry/mint or green tea/ginger. These gummies are full of collagen and gelatin to restore gut health and help your skin, hair, and nails to grow properly. Just pop a coconut cream in your coffee in the morning and have a berry/mint as a snack in the afternoon for thirty days, and you're well on your way to gut health! An important thing to note is that this kit is meant as a supplement to an anti-inflammatory diet, it's not meant to be your sole source of nutrition for the 30 days. Not one to leave you without some reading and extra support, Pete also includes an e-cookbook with 25 gut-healing recipes, and a list of tips and tricks to help your gut healing. Once you've tasted Pete's meals you know that he is an incredible chef, so you can trust that the recipes are amazing! While the gut healing kit is an incredible jump-start to gut health, using Pete's recipes and tips will just help you to continue your gut health journey and be on your way to health and wellness.


All of Pete's premade meals are Paleo, which means they are free of gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, legumes, soy, refined sugar, sweeteners, GMOs, and any of the nasty additives and preservatives our bodies aren't meant to process. But if you're on a specific version of the Paleo diet, like the Wahls protocol, or if you're doing the 21-Day Sugar Detox, Pete also has you covered! When you're doing a program like the 21DSD, it can be intimidating to figure out what to eat so you can stick with the program. Luckily, you can buy 21 dinner meals from Pete that all comply with the program! How easy is that?? They all come frozen so they won't go bad during the three weeks of your detox, and you even get a list recommending which meal you eat on which day of the plan. Pete's meals always take the dinnertime stress off of me, but when you're on a sugar freedom journey, that dinner time stress can be even greater. Ditching the stress is such a worthwhile expenditure!


The Wahls Protocol is an autoimmune protocol - a derivative of the Paleo diet that cuts out many of the common inflammatory or allergenic foods that cause health problems for people with autoimmune conditions. Because the autoimmune protocol feels so restrictive, like the 21DSD, it can be intimidating to figure out what you're going to eat if you can't have eggs or night shades or certain spices - but again, Pete has taken care of you! Each week of meals includes 7 dishes from each of the four categories of foods (sulfur, meat/fish, leafy, color), and includes all the 31 key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fats that the latest science has identified as critical to brain cell health. Pete really takes the work and thought out of a diet that can be difficult to wrap your mind around, if you're used to the Standard American Diet.


Finally, Pete also wrote a cookbook, Paleo By Season. You can check out the reviews on Amazon, but like I said before, Pete's meals speak to what an amazing chef he is - you know his recipes will be fantastic! This cookbook encourages us to eat local foods that are in season - rather than buying and preparing foods that were grown halfway across the world in a greenhouse. Or, in other words, the book is about buying and preparing foods the way Pete does! The book includes recipes pided by season of the year, so you can turn to the winter section and find recipes to cook the foods you're finding at your local farmers market right now. If you're new to buying local and organic, this book will help you navigate how to prepare the new foods you're buying!


Have you bought Pete's cookbook? Tried the 21 Day Sugar Detox meals? What did you think?? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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