Is it me or did the first quarter of 2016 just come and go?

Frankly for me, the past two years have just kind of come and gone. Between having a kid and expanding our business I've done a good job of forgetting to remember.

Remembering to work out, eat right, and be healthy has become more of a chore than it was before. And it shows to be honest. I look more like a before picture than an after one right now.

But that's life. The point is to not waste too much time feeling sorry for yourself and to get back at it. At Pete's Paleo we are killing it, I've recently added two of the best culinary minds in the country to our team. They put my knowledge base to shame and it will show in the food in the next few months. We're still the only company that ships all our food fresh and will always be the best at it.

For me though, something came through this week that we've always wanted. We're fueling the CrossFit Games this year! Yep, the little Paleo company that could will serve over 13,000 meals in a week while the fittest people on the planet battle it out.

A small little river made the Grand Canyon. Don't doubt what can happen with persistence y'all.



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