Best. Olive Oil. Ever.

For those of you who understand the joy and pleasure of truly beautiful olive oil, I would gently suggest that you haven't lived until you tasted Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Bold statement. Yes. For those of you who don't know what good olive oil is and habitually buy whatever bottle is eye level on the shelves at the grocery store, well, let me fill you in. The best olive oil comes from Greece. Specifically Laconia, where the Kasandrinos family has been producing organic extra virgin olive oil for generations


The Kasandrinos family is pretty particular about selling their oil and maintains control over the bottles on their journey from Greece to your doorstep. This is because they want to ensure it's the freshest oil on the market. They don't want it sitting too long on a grocery store shelf being harmed by the harsh lights and temperatures. They store it in a dark, climate controlled facility until it is shipped to you. Plus they only sell the current year's harvest which is cold pressed and every batch undergoes a chemical analysis to confirm the quality of the oil. Olive oil should be deep dark green when you pour it out with just the slightest hint of straw color. It should be undeniably fruity in it's initial fragrance and taste quite dynamic on its own. No wonder most of the classic vinaigrette recipes based around olive oil seem bland today, well you're making it with bland olive oil. Kasandrinos organic extra virgin olive oil is hands down the best oil I've ever tasted. It's unctuous, works great to cook with and is the freshest product around, and with that knowledge I'm very excited to announce that this is the oil we will be cooking our Pete's Paleo meals with moving forward! Thanks to our partnership with the family we have obtained a stockpile of oil fresh from their past harvest. Picked, cold pressed, canned and shipped directly to our kitchen. Not sitting in a warehouse for a year or two or a couple months at best. Not in glass bottles where the sun and light damages it. Direct from the vine to Pete's Paleo kitchen! Not bad for a ready to eat meal company. Frankly it would be impressive to say this at a top scale restaurant. This is what we've always aimed for at Pete's Paleo, a no compromise approach to bringing fine dining to your cave. If you want to enjoy some of this incredible oil at home or to give as a gift, you can use coupon code "petespaleo" to receive 10% off your order. Check out their different bottle sizes and combo packs here.

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