Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

People often give the holiday season a tough time for being too commercial. You can certainly go too far in that direction, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving meaningful gifts to people you care about. In fact, that’s one of the kindest acts a person can do. Despite the fact that we will celebrating the holidays a little differently this year, zoom calls and presents wrapped with love are exactly what is needed to ramp up the holiday spirit. 

Think about it…. is there anybody out there who doesn’t like to do at least one of these four things: eat, cook, entertain or relax? We are willing to bet there is not and we have created our gift list based on this principle.

Be warned, we included a few unconventional gift ideas because but it can be fun to think outside the box a bit! We were also mindful to not to include any crazy big-ticket luxury gifts here either. We wanted to include fun Paleo friendly ideas for gift giving, no matter what type of budget works for you!

These gifts would work well for pretty much anybody, but they would ALSO be fabulous for people gearing up to embark on their Paleo journey.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday present for your mom, boyfriend, co-worker, or just a little something for yourself (because yes, you deserve to treat yourself!), we’ve got you covered! 

Pete’s Paleo Gifts of Love

What says love more than bacon? Sending someone some of Pete’s Paleo’s mouth-watering bacon is a sure-fire winner! Pete’s Paleo bacon is the meatiest, most supple, melt-in-your-mouth bacon, so good it’s a game-changer.

Bone broth is not only good for you; it has become a trendy drink to sip on. It can, however, be time consuming to make. Pete’s Paleo Bone broth is made with only the best grass-fed beef bones and organic vegetables and filtered water, seasoned just right and packed full of flavor, minerals and gelatin.

Shopping for someone else, but not sure exactly what their preferences are? Give the gift of a Pete’s Paleo Gift Card to their favorites. Or gift someone you love healthy delicious, chef prepared meals so that they can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing other things they love.

Paleo By Season presents a chef’s approach to healthy Paleo cuisine by teaching home cooks the essential techniques for cooking any food, so they can focus not on recipes but on using the best fresh, local ingredients. With dozens of techniques, over 100 Paleo recipes, and a showcase of small farmers and ranchers across the country who are providing sustainably raised meats and organically grown fruits and vegetables, Paleo By Season offers home cooks the tools they need to think like a chef.

For The Kitchen

Glass Meal Prep Containers

When following a Paleo diet there is often a whole lot of vegetable chopping, batch cooking, & meal prepping. These meal prep containers will be SO useful and they work well for freezing leftovers too!

Avocado Saver

You probably know someone who is obsessed with avocados. The avocado saver slows the oxidation process, making sliced avocado last longer. Reduce waste and never throw away half an avocado again.

Kitchenaid Immersion Blender

Just think of the homemade mayo! An immersion blender is the best appliance to make sauces and condiments, even to froth up a homemade latte. This particular set has 5 speeds and comes equipped with all of the tools you need and offers the flexibility to use it wherever you need it in the kitchen.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker

A secret in professional kitchens for decades, sous vide works by circulating heated water in a pot at a very precise temperature according to the desired doneness of your food, holding it there for the duration of your cook for exceptional results. Cook like a pro with this sous vide tool that utilizes wi-fi to ensure perfectly cooked meats, from anywhere.

Air Fryer / Instant Pot

Know someone who still doesn’t have an instant pot or an air fryer? This is the best of both worlds, saving SO MUCH TIME.

Chef’s Knife Set

Every cook needs a high quality, reliable knife and these knives are precision-forged from a single piece of an exclusive high-carbon stainless steel. This two-piece chef set includes 3 1/2" paring knife and 6" cook's knife which together are the 2 most important knives in the kitchen.

Mauviel Sauce Pan

Anything you buy from Mauviel is going to be a legacy-quality piece (they are guaranteed for life). Copper heats much faster, cools much faster than any other metals and offers superior cooking control. This saucepan works on gas, electric, halogen stovetops, and in the oven.

Herb Preserver

This herb keeper will solve the problem of herbs going bad or getting slimy by keeping these important ingredients fresher, longer! It seriously makes mine last 2-3 times as long as they used to.

For Entertaining

Bamboo Appetizer & Charcuterie Board

Paleo friendly appetizers and snacks are always fun to nibble on! Cured meats, dips, fruits, nuts, and veggies are served beautifully on this gorgeous board made from eco-friendly bamboo and comes with 4 stainless steel knives!

Backyard Fire Pit & Grill

With much of the entertaining moving outdoors this year, someone you care about is sure to enjoy hosting friends around a fire! As an added bonus, you can grill your favorites right on top!

Adirondack Wicker Chair

And since we are gearing up for these outdoor festivities (maybe around a fire pit), make it more comfortable with these comfortable and durable Adirondack chairs!

Sips & Nibbles

Paleo Treats 

Paleo Treats have been making foodie-approved Paleo desserts since 2009. They are serious about flavor, texture, ingredients and Paleo. They ship around the world and are experts at both making and getting a great dessert to your door.

Dry Farm Wines

Most commercial wines are NOT Paleo.

Dry Farm Wines curates primal, sugar-free, low alcohol, low sulfite wines so you get these benefits without the downsides. They make a great gift for yourself or your loved ones. You can choose your favorites and sign yourself or a friend up for monthly subscriptions.

Primal Kitchen Starter Kits

Paleo approved condiments made with no sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, canola, soybean or industrialized seeds, artificial preservatives, fillers and trans fats. They use only cage-free organic eggs and vinegar from non-GMO beets. The kit contains mayonnaise, chipotle lime mayonnaise, Greek vinaigrette & marinade, ranch dressing and extra virgin avocado oil.

Hu Holiday Set

For the chocolate lover in your life – high quality, ethically sourced, this limited edition holiday variety pack of chocolate that's on the nice list is sure to be a winner


These are great for traveling, emergency food or when you need an unprocessed snack with a little sweetness.

Organ Supplements

Grass fed beef organs, the ultimate superfood,  are especially rich in preformed vitamin A, vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10, bio-available heme iron, selenium and enzymes. Unfortunately, in today’s world these are often avoided. For you, or someone you care about needing the nutrient benefits without prep and taste challenges, a high-quality beef organ supplement that comes from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows that are hormone, pesticide and GMO free is they way to go. (Use code MICHALTEN at checkout for an extra discount on your first order)



Give the gift of clean beauty. Surprise and delight your friends and family this holiday season with limited-edition, clean beauty gift sets. Beautycounter gift sets are specially curated for everyone on your list—gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for kids, and everyone in between. The clean makeup kits and makeup gift sets feature lipsticks, all-in-one paletteslip gloss, cream eyeshadow, and more. The skin-care sets feature our favorite Beautycounter products for glowing skin, such as our Counter+ Charcoal Mask, Overnight Resurfacing Peel, Counter+, Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm, Countermanbody butters, clean deodorants and skin star essentials. All sets come in festive boxes for easy gift giving—a great way to introduce your loved ones to Beautycounter’s safer, high-performing skin care and clean beauty.

Epsom Bath Salts

Epsom salt baths are a fantastic way to get more magnesium into your body and relax you before bed time (often ensuring a really good night’s rest).

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps

If you’re looking for some small gifts, then Dr. Bronner’s magic soap good for face, hair and body is one that your friends will thank you for – they’re practical (nearly everyone uses soaps) and they smell so amazing that no one could fail to notice! This variety pack of 8 is always a winner.

There’s no shame in celebrating the holidays with thoughtful gifts given out of love, fellowship, and friendship—all of which embody the true meaning of the season.

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