Our Favorite Paleo Christmas Recipes - Part 3

Paleo Christmas Treats and Sweets

When it comes to the holidays, it can be much more difficult to stick to your Paleo nutrition plan. With a little creativity (and some great recipes) there are many ways to “Paleo-fy” your favorite holiday treats. By switching out the refined grains, processed sugars and dairy for Paleo-friendly flours and ground nuts, naturally occurring sweeteners and coconut and/or nut milks and creams you can still make many of your traditional favorite Christmas deserts and cookies to share and enjoy. Although not an ideal choice for every day of the year, Paleo-friendly treats can definitely play a part in your holiday indulgences and make the Christmas season feel as festive as it did before you shifted your lifestyle choices, without all the processed food side effects!

No matter your background or how you celebrate the holidays, we can all agree that the end of the year is the perfect time for delicious and healthy food to be shared with those we love! 

Try These Favorites:

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