Paleo Holiday Cookies

The Christmas season is filled with family and food, treats and desserts.

And if there's a dessert that speaks most to the holiday season, it's cookies. 

I think we all can agree there’s something special about cookies.  Whether it’s because they’re sweet and handheld or they remind us of our youth, enjoying a freshly baked cookie is one of life’s great treasures.

There are entire parties centered around an array of Christmas cookies. Whether you’re baking for your next cookie exchange, looking for homemade gift ideas, or just need a damn good cookie to get you through the week you want to ensure your cookies are not only beautiful and delicious, but paleo-friendly as well.

We’ve gathered our top baker’s dozen Christmas Cookie recipes for you to try this holiday season.

Paleo Gingerbread Cookies

What are the holidays without gingerbread men cookies? Enjoy this classic, favorite cookie without the worry of allergens, and let the kids join in on the decorating fun.

Seven-Layer Bars

While these bars take a little more effort to make, it is beyond worth it. They are the perfect combination of flavors and are an impressive dessert that everyone will love.

Paleo Nutella Cookies

Just FOUR ingredients are needed to make these paleo friendly ‘nutella’ cookies- 1 bowl, 10 minutes and you’ll have chewy, delicious and healthy cookies ready! Paleo, gluten free and a vegan option too! 

Chocolate Dipped Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

For those who prefer things a little less sweet, the subtle sweetness, crispy nature and rich buttery flavors of this shortbread is the perfect holiday treat. This shortbread can be made dairy free for those who do not consume dairy.

No-Bake Pecan Snowballs

As much baking and cooking as you might choose to do in the holiday season, having a no-bake cookie is a welcome relief. The fact that they taste great and look adorable is an added bonus.

Raspberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies

These chewy Paleo and vegan thumbprint cookies are tried and true and a total hit every time. What’s best is they’re entirely free of refined sugar, grains, gluten, dyes, dairy and eggs.

Paleo Sugar Cookies

Paleo sugar cookies are fun and easy to make! The dough needs to chill for about an hour before baking; so be sure to leave yourself enough time to do this! This is the perfect recipe to make all of your favorite Christmas shapes!

Double Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti

These double bakes Italian classics are made with almond and coconut flours resulting in a cookie that is nicely crunchy but not so dense and hard that you will break a tooth or hurt your jaw. You will probably find you enjoy these biscotti even more than the “authentic” version.


Snickerdoodles are the blissful combination of cinnamon and buttery goodness. Cinnamon is so perfect on just about any baked good, but something about a snickerdoodle makes it significantly better. 

Tahini Molasses Cookies


These tahini molasses cookies are grain free and nut-free and work well for nut-free gatherings. They aren’t too sweet, and have an interesting combination of molasses and tahini. This is also the perfect cookie with coffee on holiday mornings.

Lemon Olive Oil Cookies

These lemon olive oil cookies come together quickly and are free of gluten, grains, and dairy. The olive oil won’t assert its flavor in the finished cookies, but helps produce a tender, delicate crumb. This recipe is so easy you simply stir all the ingredients together in a bowl. You can even use a fork. The hardest part by far is zesting and juicing the lemons.

Chocolate Chip Cherry Ginger Cookies

This soft, chewy Paleo chocolate chip cookie is a fun, add-in heavy twist on an old favorite with a foolproof recipe you can customize to your own tastes

Paleo N’oatmeal Cookies

These paleo oatmeal cookies (also known as n’oatmeal cookies) are crisp with a chewy center and taste just like classic oatmeal raisin cookies! Recipe has an egg-free free option.

Need More?

For added inspiration and even more seasonal eats and treats, grab a copy of Chef Pete's book - Paleo By Season 

It’s the most… wonderful time… of the year!  Whether that feels true for you or not, the holiday season can only be made better when you have some yummy cookies while hanging with friends and family, connecting and celebrating time together.

Happy baking!

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