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It is finally summer and for many that also means vacations, trips and travelling. Summer holidays are a time to get away, relax, disconnect, and have fun. Going on vacation does not have to mean taking a break from your Paleo lifestyle or health goals. There is no reason to not focus on feeling and looking your best when you are away – it could even be a priority.

When travelling, near or far, we have a few strategies to support you in your Paleo goals.


Staying hydrated is always important whether traveling or not. When on vacation, however, you may be tempted to overlook your water intake and opt for other liquids that may be available. Your body will also be acclimating to a new climate, and between finding your way around and enjoying your trip drinking water can be easily forgotten. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, hunger amongst other things and consuming adequate water is vital to feeling your best.

When you arrive at your location find a convenience store and purchase sufficient water for each day that you’re traveling. Staying hydrated can be an easy wellness win, no matter where you are. Be sure to bring a reusable water bottle with you so you are always prepared wherever your adventures take you. 


You have access to plenty of information about the restaurants and resorts available at your destination to review your options and plan your dining long before you arrive! Not only will you have a better dining experience, you’ll be able to make sure you have good-quality food. Put together an itinerary that includes spots that are the right fit for the trip you’re taking and the people you’re taking it with. Longer trips make it even more important to stick to your Paleo goals and choices to ensure you feel your best and enjoy your experience.

You could also choose to construct your own meals when possible. Find the closest grocery store or market to where you’re staying so you can visit it when you arrive and stock up on some of your essentials. Dining out is a wonderful part of the travel experience, but try to have one meal a day from the grocery store. Think whole/real foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, and salads.

Traveling or not, when you look at food ask yourself if you are respecting your body before you eat it.

Longer trips make it even more important to stick to your Paleo goals and choices to ensure you feel your best and enjoy your experience.

Bring Your Own

There is no need to make this too complicated. Pack a small bag or pouch with some of your favorites. You could pack a few herbal teas, raw nuts and seeds, Paleo friendly bars or packs of almond butter.

Whether on the road, in the air or at your destination, carry a few healthy snacks with you. You can bring them from home or buy them at your destination. These can tide you over in a pinch and prevent you from needing that pastry at the airport or chips from the gas station.

Part of the appeal of traveling is the chance to escape the day-to-day routine. This break from the norm may not always be ideal for your health. Spending time in airports, sitting on the plane, and visiting new (often public) places can challenge your immune system. Be extra mindful to pack any high-quality multivitamin, probiotics and supplements that you are taking or may want to take while away. Extra antioxidants are also important. Be sure to pack some Vitamin C so you can ensure you have an extra boost for your immune system. Nothing can ruin a vacation, or the transition that comes with settling back into your home after a vacation like getting ill - well worth avoiding.


Your primary goal in taking a getaway may be to get some extra relaxation, but that is not an excuse to stop moving your body. When you prioritize your movement (a pillar of your Paleo lifestyle), you stay on track with your wellness goals and may even feel like you really earned that extra rest. 

Try to incorporate movement into your vacation to enjoy the sights. The hotel gym is always an option if you feel you are not getting enough movement in. Schedule time for a workout or plan out a walk, hike, or bike ride that will give you a chance to explore the area. Swimming at the beach or pool, exploring the culture, and other types of built-in exercise will make the trip even more enjoyable.


The only thing you can do to make your day the best it can be before the day even starts is to get plenty of rest! Making time for a full night’s sleep is important every day of the year, but it’s especially crucial when your body is worn down from travel and out of its usual routine. Vacation is also the perfect time to sleep in!!! 

Just like when you are at home, a dark sleep space with no extra light will help you get better rest. Turn the alarm clock light off or unplug it, and use a towel under the door if light is pouring in from the hallway. Eye masks can be an option when all else fails as any light in your sleep space can disrupt your good night’s sleep.


If you are able, turn off your phone and avoid the internet. Taking some time away from your screens is going to be really good for your mental health which also deserves some attention when on a vacation. Alternately you can choose to set some boundaries with the Internet and social media by leaving your devices in your room when you are out enjoying the day or commit to shutting them off after a certain hour so you can focus on being with loved ones.  


Worried about what to eat on your trip? Or about having a nutritious meal when you get home? Why not plan ahead and order some chef prepared, delicious, seasonal, well-sourced Paleo meals ready to be heated up and enjoyed? All Pete’s Paleo meals can also be enjoyed cooled or at room temperature. They are compatible with TSA regulations, can be taken on an airplane and provide a WAY better option than any airline meal. Menus and meals are available in both larger and smaller portion sizes and with enough variety to suit any taste or dietary restriction.

You can even get your Pete’s Paleo delivered to where ever you may be travelling. Meals can be scheduled to arrive when you do. No apron required, simply heat and enjoy!!

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By making sure you are well-nourished you are removing some of the stress around energy, feeling great and maintaining your Paleo lifestyle while on your vacation. This way you can truly enjoy your journey, from start to finish


It might not be ideal to throw caution to the wind when it comes to your health and wellness routines when on vacation. Similarly, there you want to relax and enjoy yourself, the moment, the location, the culture and all that is involved in your vacation. Find some special treats and indulge, whether that means splurging on a spa treatment, indulging in a dessert here or there, or sipping on an afternoon cocktail.

You do want to be mindful and savor your indulgences. Choose wisely, like a fun local restaurant, as opposed to the processed, preservative-laden food you might find in terminals and convenience stores.

You want to enjoy your vacation and focusing on every detail of your Paleo lifestyle can detract from that experience. Do the best you can with what you have. If you find yourself starving and feel shaky and agitated because you have not eaten, and there is no 100% Paleo-friendly food available, make the best choice with what is available rather than feeling miserable for the next several hours. Similarly, while you may not have time for your full exercise routine, even doing 15–20 minutes of activity in the gym or going for a walk will often make a huge difference in how you feel that day. 

Do as much as you can to stick with your plan, but be kind and gracious to yourself if you eat a food or enjoy a meal that you might not normally eat.  Even if you slip up on your trip, you know that you will get back into your groove once you return.

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