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I had the honor and privilege of having a great conversation with Temika Leduc, 34-year-old mother of 3 (one son, 2 daughters) and a part of the Pete’s Paleo team for 3 years. We chatted about her job, her life, her food and how Pete’s Paleo has impacted her in a few unexpected ways…

Michal Ofer: Hi Temika, so great to meet you and thank you for taking the time to chat with me today

Temika Leduc: I can’t believe I was asked to do this, wow.. I mean like I wasn’t really sure what it was about and the fact that I got asked means a lot.

MO: So tell me, how did you come to work at Pete’s?

TL: After recovery I was working at Little Caesar’s Pizza, and really, who wants to work there forever… I had heard that there were some others in recovery working here and came for an interview. I was hired on the spot, that afternoon. It was great, I was so happy. I immediately got a raise in my wages and it was good. I’ve been going up and up ever since

MO: And how long ago was that?

TL: 3 years ago

MO: Wow, so you’ve been here ever since (TL nods). What is it you do there exactly?

TL: I run the machine that the meals go through before going out to people. I have to count and make sure everything is correct – I get a count, but like to double check just to be sure. You need to really pay attention and get things right. I have my own system now, I’ve got it. But in the beginning it was a lot to learn.

MO: But you’re the expert now?

TL: Yeah, I’ve got this

MO: How has this job impacted or changed your life?

TL: (getting emotional). This job changed everything, everything. Because of this job I have my place to live, because of this job I get to see my kids. I get to be part of my sober living house, I have my car. This job has given me my life back. I am so blessed

MO: That’s huge, so you feel supported and stable here

TL: Yes, Pete and Sarah mean so much to me, more than just a boss, like family. They really care about all of us. They have really been there for me. They are just the best. Every time I’ve needed something, they’ve come through for me. This place is the best. My manager is like my best friend, everyone here gets along and cares about each other, we are all like a family… And I mean, like they asked me to do this, they asked me, I can’t believe it, so blessed.

MO: You had mentioned earlier that you heard about Pete’s Paleo as a place that supports or hired people in recovery. Are you working with others in recovery too?

TL: Yes, right now there are, I think, 3 of us in recovery.

MO: You all support each other and know what you are each going through?

TL: Yes, exactly

MO: No judgement either, which makes sticking to your goals more achievable?

TL: Yeah, that’s it, we are so much like a family, we all care about each other. I am so blessed, really blessed.

MO: Working with all this food you must have learned a bit about the Paleo diet. What has impacted you the most?

TL: I guess, when we were doing all the meals for a special diet a few years ago, I don’t remember the name, a doctor..

MO: The Wahls Protocol

TL: Yeah, that’s it. Anyway, when we were putting all those meals together and seeing how just the food can really make someone healthy again

MO: What about you, do you eat the food

TL: I eat the food here, it’s great. When I’m here I eat it, like eat the diet food

MO: What about at home, do you eat Paleo type foods

TL: Nah, not at home. I mean, I guess I should try the diet, but I like my food

MO: So part time Paleo

TL: Laughs

MO: And the bacon?

TL: Oh I love the bacon, I have it for breakfast, not just here, I mean I have it for breakfast here but I have it at home too. It’s so good. I should probably try the diet though (laughs) but I love my other foods

MO: After being here 3 years, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, maybe 10 years

TL: I’m staying here. I’m not going anywhere for a while. I’m here. This is my home. Eventually I want to have my own sober living facility but that will only be in a while

MO: To give back?

TL: Yeah, to give back, to help people like me and show them they can do it too. But that’s in a long time. For now, I am here – this is my place. I am so blessed to be here, to have this.

MO: What are your biggest challenges at work at present?

TL: We’ve started working with another company and a new machine so it’s been very busy and I’m learning that. But I’ve got this. I know it, it’s working..

MO: You’re open 7 days a week now then?

TL: Yes, today is my Monday (laughs) (it’s Saturday), but it’s all good

MO: Tamika, thank you so much for chatting with me a bit today. Is there anything else you’d like to share or you think folks should know that we haven’t really covered?

TL: No I think we went over everything – I think. I am blessed, blessed.


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