Paleo Winter Menu - Week 3


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Sausage, Eggs And Sweet Potato Hash
Corned Beef Hash
Huevos Con Carne
Brussel Kale Hash With Bacon And Eggs
Tomato Mushroom Frittata With Herbed Sweet Potato Hash
American Standard With Turkey Sausage

Lunch & Dinner

Chicken Chili With Peppers, Onions, And Sweet Potatoes
Herb Chicken In Gravy With Green Beans And Roasted Yukon Potatoes With Shallots
Winter Bacon Scramble
Citrus And Sage Turkey Roulade With Beets And Radishes
Beef Stroganoff With Winter Potatoes
Braised Thai Pork With Vegetables
Shallot Mushroom Braised Beef With Spinach And Rosemary-Garlic Sweet Potato Wedges
Chorizo Spaghetti Squash Carbonara
Chicken Meatloaf With Kale And Roasted New Potatoes
Herb Braised Chicken With Portobello Mushroom Puree And Swiss Chard