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Pete’s Paleo Ingredients

This is the thing. We care deeply about the quality of our food. We make a point of developing personal relationships with our farmers/ranchers. Well cared for animals and produce = delicious and healthy food, which = happy and healthy customers.

Pete’s Paleo Local Produce Suppliers

  • Royal Food Service for the bulk of our produce purchases
  • Ellijay Mushrooms is a great local mushroom vendor who we work with
  • Sidney’s Spices is an independently-owned Atlanta company who provides the best quality spices and make our custom Pete’s Paleo spice blends.
  • Shamrock Food company provides the kitchen with rare finds like cauliflower snow and Galeuse d'Eysines pumpkin
  • Specialty Produce provides the kitchen with quality herbs and spices
  • Vesta Produce works with local farms to provide the kitchen with top of the market fresh produce

Pete’s Paleo Local Protein Suppliers

Snake River Farms Kurobuta pork is 100% heritage breed Berkshire pork. This type of hog is well-known for producing amazing marbling and rich flavor, creating tender, juicy cuts that will change the way you think about pork.

  • Cheshire Pork supplies us with Pork Bellies for Pete’s Bacon, pork loin, pork tenderloin
  • Swift for pork butts

Paleo By Season Downloadable Recipes


Looking for healthy and delicious Paleo recipes? We’ve got all sorts of them!



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Chef Pete Butchers A Chicken For A Paleo By Season Photo Shoot (cookbook contains the actual step by step instructions!):

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